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How to Grow Your Etsy Shop

Posted by Nicole Chenault on

I know you want to grow your Etsy shop and start hearing that magical sound "Cha Ching" but in order to hear that sound more often you have to do these crucial things in your Etsy shop to get your products seen on the Etsy platform and increase traffic to your shop.

First you need to make sure your ENTIRE shop is filled out! (You can find all of these sections under the settings tab in your shop). Like all of it! Make sure you have a shop icon and the picture should be your beautiful face and not your damn logo. People loveeeee buying from real people and this is the only chance they get to see who they are actually supporting. So don't be shy and post your face selfie style, headshot style, or in your workspace, whatever. Next fill in your shop announcements, member info, and your shipping, exchange, and cancellation policies.


Now it's time to work on the meat of your shop and that's your product listings. You CANNOT slap a listing up and think that it will sell. Sorry sister, but ya gotta put in some work to get those sales flowing. Don't be like me when I first started and set it and forget it. That shit does not work! 

First you gotta have titles that are two to three words words and have keywords that people are actually searching on Etsy. One way to know if the titles you have chosen are being searched is to go into the Etsy platform as a customer and type those keywords into the search bar. If it starts to auto populate, congrats, you have keywords that are already being searched on the platform.  

Let's use this Bad Bitch Energy tumbler as an example and write some titles for it.

Bad Bitch Energy, Rainbow Mushroom Tumbler, Swear Word Gift, Cottage Core Tumbler, Aesthetic Motivation, Birthday Gift For Her, Witchy Vibes

As you can see my titles are two to three words and are a combination of smaller searchable terms like Rainbow Mushroom Tumbler and larger searchable terms like Birthday Gift For Her.



Next you gotta fill in all 13 tags in your listing. Tags help you products get found in the Etsy search and many shops fail to use them or use all of them which makes it harder for your product to get found in the Etsy search. To fill out the tags you want to start by using the same keywords in your title in your tags. Whatever tags you have left use different keywords to fill in those spaces.

Here are the tags I used for the Bad Bitch Energy tumbler.

Bad Bitch Energy, Mushroom Tumbler, Swear Word Gift, Birthday Gift, Rainbow Mushroom, Birthday Gift, Aesthetic Motivation, Gift For Her, Witchy Vibes, Snarky Tumbler, Funny Sayings, Inspirational Gift, Cottage Core Gift, Wine Tumbler.

Lastly you need to have good pictures! If you products are showing up in searches and you aren't getting sales then having good pictures is most likely the problem. There are many tutorials on Youtube to help you with taking good photos I highly recommend Amy Eaton's videos (no affiliation she's just a bad ass in this area) Another option is mock ups! You can find tons of mock ups on Etsy to make your photos look good.

Improving these areas in your Etsy Shop will give you an increase in visibility on Etsy and increase your sales. Grab my free Etsy Success Checklist to get your entire Etsy shop optimized for success.


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