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Our Favorite At Home Coffee Bar Essentials

Posted by Nicole Chenault on

If you like making coffee, then you probably have a pretty dope at home coffee bar set up. You also probably know that your at home coffee bar set-up is never really done. So, we’ve got a few suggestions to help you make a few tiny improvements. One thing you may not have thought to include? Travel tumblers for when you need to take your coffee on the go. Keep reading for more ideas!

I Run On Coffee, Chaos and Cuss Words Travel Cup

True for…well, really any adult, if we’re being honest with ourselves here. So, why not be transparent like this glass and tote it for the world to see! There’s no need to hide, we all feel the same way–I promise!

I Pretend Coffee Helps, But I’m Still a Bitch Travel Cup

Well, might as well be honest! If you’re a bitch and you know it, clap your hands! Just kidding, don’t clap your hands. Just buy this cup so people know to steer clear even AFTER you’ve had your coffee!

Glass Syrup Dispenser

These glass syrup dispensers make adding too much sugar to your coffee wayyyyyy less risky than pouring it directly out of the syrup bottle! And classier! So, grab a few of your favorite syrup flavors and sweeten up your morning cup with these super useful pump dispensers. 

A Tabletop Mug Rack

Put your favorite coffee mugs on display with one of these adorable wooden tabletop mug racks! Not only are they cute, but they also make your mugs that much more accessible and easy to reach than they would be in a cabinet!

Cute Reusable Coffee Stirrers

Be kind to Mother Earth with these hilarious, adorable, donut shaped coffee stirrers! Not only are they cute, but they’re also reusable! So, you’ll never have to worry about creating waste with disposable coffee stirrers again!

A Cute Sugar Dish

Not much or a syrup fan? No worries! If you prefer sugar in your coffee over syrup, a great addition to your coffee bar could be one of these adorable sugar dishes! So much cuter than a crusty bag of sugar lying on the counter, right?

Dead Inside But Caffeinated Insulated Coffee Tumbler

Perfect for keeping your coffee warm on cold winter nights or keeping your iced coffee cool on warm summer mornings! If you don’t have some insulated coffee tumblers stocked in your at home coffee bar, click here to stock up!

Well, we hope your coffee bar feels complete…for now, after reading this article and making a few impulse purchases! If you want to keep in touch, be sure to follow us on Instagram & if you’re on the market for Funny Wine Tumblers or Stemless Wine Glasses, we’ve got you covered!


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