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How I became a top 10% Etsy seller

Posted by Nicole Chenault on

I opened my Etsy shop in October of 2017 and by the end of 2018 I became a top 10% Etsy seller and have remained there to this day! Say whattttt???!!!!

I didn't get my first sale on Etsy for over a month. It came on Black Friday as I was driving to McDonald's to grab my family lunch. I was sitting at the traffic light to turn onto the street McDonald's was on when CHA CHINNGGGGGG rang out and scared the living shit out out of me but then I was like.... I got a fucking sale!!! Yess!!! This was the product that changed my life and was the first sale on Etsy. This was my third attempt of photographing my products. It ain't the best but it made me money honey!!!!

You are probably thinking that's nice bitch, but tell me how to become a top 10% seller on Etsy. 

Here's what you need to do to become a top 10% Etsy seller.

1. Fill out your entire shop! All of it! That includes shop announcements refund policies ect.

2. Optimize your titles and use all of the space provided with keywords that people are ACTUALLY searching. 

3. Have good pictures. I was able to get away with not so great pictures years ago but today you gotta have good ones.

4. Use all 13 tags in your listings with keywords people are actually searching. Start filling them out by by repeating the titles and if you have more tags to fill out use different keyword phrases.

5. Use keywords in your description and write them for people not the computer. Also make sure you answer all questions about the product here. For example.. what materials are used to make the products, how to care for the product, the measurements, ect.

6. Have an accurate processing time with the shortest processing time possible that you can actually maintain.

7.Provide excellent customer service by responding to messages quickly and resolving any issues that arise quickly aka within 24 hours.

You can absolutely become a top 10% Etsy seller as well and if you need some extra help grab my free Etsy Success Checklist.

If you'd like my step by step guide on how to set your Etsy shop up correctly to make money you can grab it here.


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