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How to Start an Etsy Shop for Free

Posted by Nicole Chenault on

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I conducted a poll in two Facebook groups asking people what is stopping them from selling on Etsy.

O M G!!!!!!!! All of the myths and incorrect information that people have been told was mind blowing! So I figured maybe you have told some incorrect information as well.

Let me preface this by saying I do love selling on Etsy. Over the years it has brought in just under 100k in sales. For the last 3 years I haven's pushed any sales to Etsy, they have just generated on their own via the platform.

Do I love everything about Etsy? HELLLLL no! There are things I wish they would change, like their like of seller customer support. 

But it is still a great platform to sell your products on.

Now lets get to one of the Myths!

It's expensive to start an Etsy shop. Not true!

 You can actually start an Etsy shop for FREE! That's right, all you need is a referral link from a current Etsy seller. The referral link will give you 40 free listings and the person who sent it 40 free listings when you use their link to start an Etsy shop. If you need a referral link you can use mine. After you click on it just put your email in and you should receive a link. 

 If you don't use an Etsy link it will only cost you $.20 per listing you add to your Etsy shop. So if you open a shop and add 10 listings, it has cost you $2.00 to open your shop. That doesn't sound expensive to me!

If you are ready to open your Etsy shop and want more help, grab my No BS Etsy Guide.


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